We will be closed for deliveries Wednesday 11/24 & Friday 11/26. Resuming with Meal Plan deliveries Sunday 11/28 & online orders Monday 11/29


Frequently Asked Questions

We cook & deliver every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. On those days, our drivers are on the road between the hours of 2-9 pm. Expect delivery sometime in that window, with your driver reaching out via text when they are getting nearby with delivery.

Your food is always made from scratch the morning of delivery. Food holds fresh for 5 days, with a ‘consume by’ date on each individual label. 

For the time being, our standard delivery includes all of Ocean County, Monmouth County and  Middlesex County. 

We don’t provide nutritional information and calorie counts for our meals as we believe true health goes far beyond calories in and calories out. How your body digests food is always going to be more important than calories or recommended daily allowances of specific isolated vitamins. In addition, our meals are cooked from whole ingredients that don’t contain any artificial ingredients or refined sugar, so they are free of the common ingredients that can promote inflammation and weight gain in many individuals. By eating a whole foods diet based on grass fed meats, responsibly sourced fish, and organic local vegetables, with moderate portions of whole grains, calorie counting often becomes unnecessary. unnecessary

We work with as many local, sustainable purveyors as possible. That means relationships with over 120 farms in the tri-state area.
No Worries! If you anticipate that you might not be home for delivery you can add a heavy duty insulated (and reusable) bag at checkout. Going forward you can leave it out on future deliveries and your driver will transfer the food whenever someone isn’t home. If someone isn’t home upon delivery and there is no bag purchased or left, you driver will leave the food in the safest place possible.

General recommendation is with the lid vented for about 2 minutes in the microwave, or in the oven at 350 degrees for about 12-15 mintues. 

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of any allergies in the “special instructions” box on the order form. However, we also recommend using your best judgement.
Yes. For any inquires about catered events and gatherings, contact me.

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